Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights University of Ottawa (SPHR) is a student run, non-profit organization that advocates on a strong social justice platform to uphold the rights of the Palestinian people in the face of human rights violations and all forms of racism, discrimination, misinformation and misrepresentation.

January 24, 2008

Candle Light Vigil Saturday, January 26 5pm to 7pm

As most of us know, 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza are going through a devastating time with the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip. Israel has blocked the shipment of fuel to Gaza, cutting off the only source of electricity in Gaza. This inhumane siege is causing shortages of food, medication and other fundamental necessities, in turn causing much suffering and deaths. This siege must be put to an end. We need everyone's input and participation in order to make a difference and have an impact on our government's role in pressuring Israel to lift the siege.
Capca, SPHR and other organizations have organized a candle light vigil to support the people in Gaza and to condemn Israel's actions. This vigil will take place on Saturday, January 26th from 5pm to 7pm at the Human Rights Monument on Elgin street. We will have candles to distribute but we also encourage people to bring their own candles.
Please forward this email to everyone you know, and pass on the message to your friends and family.
Also, if anyone would like to help out by making posters for the vigil, please don't hesitate to email us or contact us at 613-291-1970

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