Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights University of Ottawa (SPHR) is a student run, non-profit organization that advocates on a strong social justice platform to uphold the rights of the Palestinian people in the face of human rights violations and all forms of racism, discrimination, misinformation and misrepresentation.

June 20, 2008

Right of Return conference

60 Years of Exile: The Palestinian Right of Return

A conference sponsored by the Canadian-Palestinian Educational Exchange

Saturday June 28, 2008
8:30AM - 5PM

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
Montpetit Bldg, 125 University Street Room 203

$40 Students (ID required at the door)
$65 General Admission

* Lunch included

CEPAL’s first ever Right of Return conference commemorates the 60th anniversary of Al-Nakba (catastrophe), and will encourage discussion among Canadians about the Palestinian Right of Return. The Right of Return will be discussed in reference to several themes, including: 1) Historical insights, 2) International law, 3) Human rights, 4) Culture and identity, and 5) Political considerations.

The conference is also meant to be one of solidarity with the Palestinian people, as well as an opportunity to discuss achieving a just solution to the predicament for Palestinian refugees who remain stateless. This conference is instrumental in highlighting CEPAL’s important work, as the only Canadian organization to work directly with Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. It is critical in fulfilling CEPAL’s mandate to raise awareness about the dire and worsening situation Palestinian refugees face, the options for a just solution to their predicament, and how Canadians can help.


Hanan Ashrawi (via live stream, Ramallah)

Norman Finkelstein (Independent Scholar)
Nahla Abdo (Carelton University)
Rex Brynen (McGill University)
Randa Farah (University of Western Ontario)
Norman Finkelstein (Independent Scholar)
Michael Lynk (University of Western Ontario)
Jaber Suleiman (Independent Scholar)

Students, community members, civil servants, Members of Parliament, Ambassadors, foreign diplomats, and anyone interested in the situation of Palestinian refugees and the Right of Return are encouraged to attend.

All proceeds will go towards CEPAL’s 2008 Summer Program in Lebanon.


The conference is co-sponsored by Al-Awda (Toronto chapter), NCCAR, SPHR, APAC,, and Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver East NDP.


Anonymous said...

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LeaNder said...

Anonym mouse, the overemphasise of the terrorist meme, helped to world to see much more clearly.

So I guess, we have to thank you and your partners in spirit, you made us take a closer look and in the process we are all learning.

What brought you here? Could it be you have a google alert set on Norman Finkelstein, just as me?

Julia said...

"Terrorist supporters"? Um, I do believe the USA and Israel are the real terrorists in this situation!

By the way, kudos to the University of Ottowa. I guess there's not as much pressure from the zionists on Canadian universities as there is on American campuses.